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Eric Gray - “Vibes Royale”

Eric Gray lives in Los Angeles California, where he began his journey as a busking musician performing in Venice Beach, Santa Monica, Culver City and Inglewood. Eric is a self taught lead guitarist and is musically rooted in Blues music, but performs many different genres such as Smooth Jazz, Easy-Listening, American Radio Classics and more. When you want a real live, true ambient Musical experience, Eric Gray is here to “Set The Mood”.

Being of the best kept secret In Los Angeles, Eric Gray has built ' solid reputation as a performing artist. One ye'r after his debut album “Setting The Mood”, Eric is back with another album “Vibes Royale”, a smooth-Jazz and Jazz Fusion . The first track of the album is a Smooth Walker, a classic guitar masterpiece written all over it, and also ' very radio friendly composition with ' melody that is memorable and gets better as you listen on.

A twist of Boss'nov' jazz also waves hello from the album with “Time To Fly”. This track feels like youʼre sitting at the airport ready to board a plane with boarding pass in hand. There are two covers on ‘Vibes Royaleʼ; Billy Joelʼs ‘Just The Way You Areʼ and The Doobie Brothers ‘Listen To The Musicʼ which are both easy on the ear.

Eric Gray wonʼt be a secret much long because ‘Vibes Royaleʼ is winning the hearts of growing fans.

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